CentroRochas stimulates Brazilian exports

The Center for Exporting Industries of Dimension Stones (CentroRochas), a national body administered by sector businesspeople, seeks to address collective issues, enhance exports and remove bureaucracy from the marble and granite segment, deepening the cooperative spirit in the sector.

 The body came about as a result of large-volume growth in exports, and consequent logistical problems, at the end of 2004. In this period, ABIEMG, the Brazilian Association of Marble and Granite Exporting Industries, founded in December 1999, was incorporated into CentroRochas.  

With this body’s formation, export activity gained better representation and increasingly seeks to bring together sector exporters on a national level, regardless of their size, in addition to receiving special associates (sector partners, materials suppliers, services, etc). 

The institution continues to evolve, becoming stronger and more representative through its growing number of associates, and consolidating with the success of the various projects and activities. 

Today, CentroRochas’ main challenge is to deepen the sector’s cooperative spirit, reaching all exporting companies and advertising sector activity to society.  
CentroRochas reunites the main dimension stone exporters in Espírito Santo and the country. It is estimated that companies which account for over 50% of Brazilian exports are associated to the institution, created to stimulate Brazil’s presence abroad through its stones.  

 Areas of operation

• Collective negotiation with service providers in the area of exports, seeking reduction of costs;

• Analysis and statistic monitoring of export volumes;

• Guidance regarding taxes in the exports sector;

• Continuous development in the logistical area. In Espírito Santo, where this process is more critical, we have realized various projects in partnership with the following bodies: Sindirochas (Espírito Santo Dimension Stone, Lime and Limestone Syndicate), Credirochas (Cooperative of Economy and Mutual Credit for owners in the dimension stone, lime and limestone industries of Espírito Santo), Cetemag (Marble and Granite Technology Centre), Maqrochas (Association of Machine, Equipment and Materials Manufacturers of Espírito Santo), and Sindimármore (Syndicate of workers in the Marble, Granite and Limestone Industries of Espírito Santo), and activities with public and private institutions such as CODESA (official state docks body), ALFÂNDEGA (customs), LOGIN/TVV, SHIPPING AGENCIES and others.

• Representation of the exporter in all state and federal authorities with a view to identifying stumbling blocks in the sector, which hamper or make dimension stone exporting excessively costly;

• Monitoring and critical analysis of sector threats and opportunities around the world.





Adilson Borges Vieira


Sandro Verzola


Márcia Ismério


ADILSON BORGES VIEIRA – Gramasa Granitos e Mármores S. A.
ADRIANO SANDRINI – Pemagran Pedras Mármores e Granitos Ltda
ANÍBAL SOUZA – Paraná Granito Ltda
ANTONIO TERROZO – Thor Granitos e Mármores Ltda
ATTILA SECCHIM – Gramil Granitos e Mármores Itapemirim Ltda.
ÁUREO VIANNA MAMERI – Mameri Rochas Ltda
ERONI MOREIRA FARIAS FRAGA – Gramazon Granitos da Amazônia S.A.
GERALDO SANTANA MACHADO – Tracomal Mineração Ltda
JESUS ROQUE LUBIANA – Graniti Ind. Com. e Exportação Ltda
JOÃO LAVEGLIA NETO – Brasil Stone Ltda
JONAS ZUCCHI – Granito Zucchi
JOSE ANTONIO GUIDONI – Mineração Guidoni
KEITH DESMOND CYRIL LATTUF CATTLEY – Brasvit Granitos e Mineração S.A.
LUCA BURLAMAQUI – Decolores Mármores e Granitos do Brasil
MARCELO FERRAZ – Ferraz Brasil
MARCIA GUIDI – Mineração três Corações Ltda
PABLO SECO GALLARDO – Levantina de Granitos Brasil Ltda
PAULO GASPARINI – Granibrás Granitos Brasileiros Ltda
RODRIGO SCARAMUSSA – Serraria de Mármores e Granitos Santo Antônio Ltda
RONALDO SOARES AZEVEDO – AMG Azevedo Mármores e Granitos Ltda
RODRIGO COLA PIM – Marbrasa Mármores e Granitos do Brasil
RICARDO SCHEVZ – Corcovado Granitos Ltda.

SANDRO VERZOLA – Pedreiras do Brasil S.A.
VALDECYR ROBERTE VIGUINI – Cajugram Granitos e Mármores do Brasil Ltda

Brazilian exports grow despite the crisis
The Brazilian dimension stone sector is becoming increasingly relevant on the international scene. In 2007, national stone exports recorded a turnover of close to US$ 1.1billion, equivalent to over 2.5 million tons. Compared with 2006, there was a positive variation of 4.6% in dollars and a reduction of 3.31% in total weight.

 In tons, there were reductions in block and manufactured materials of 6% and 1% respectively. Nevertheless, the figures indicate a greater aggregate value, with the respective average prices growing by 3.5% and 7%.

December 2007 closed with a stable performance in relation to December 2006, growing slightly more than 1% in total national dimension stone exports.

 The positive variation in marble and granite block commerce was expressive. Against the same period in 2006, December’s growth exceeded 22%. Blocks and manufactured stone also saw increases of 5% and 14% in average price. 

Brazil possesses various types of stone concentrations throughout its area, principally in the states of Minas Gerais and Bahia.

 The state of Espírito Santo is the biggest Brazilian dimension stone exporter, accounting for close to 65% of exports in 2006. US$ 726 million worth was sold abroad in 2007, against US$ 679.9 million in 2006.

 Of the 11/2 million tons of blocks and slabs exported in 2006 by Espírito Santo,  China and Italy purchased around  700,000 tons of blocks, while the USA consumed over 80% of the 700,000 tons of slabs, followed by the Canadian market.

Up to December 2007, Espírito Santo represented 66.4% (more than US$ 726 million) of the total volume of dimension stones exported by Brazil (US$ 1,093 billion) and over 84% (US$ 618 million) of national exports of manufactured marbles and granites (US$ 730 million).

The best monthly performance in the history of Brazilian stone exports was in July of last year. Turnover reached US$ 111.2 million that month. 

Evolution of Brazilian exports (2003 v 2007)
Brazilian ornamental stone exports evolved to the tune of 155% in turnover from 2003 against 2007. Compared with 2006, there was a small increase of 4.6% in dollars, and a reduction of minus 3.31% in weight.

 Manufactured marble and granite products accumulated a growth of over 200% in dollars, having presented a positive variation of 100% in physical volume and 50% in average price, versus 2003.  

 In block exports (marbles and granites), against 2003’s results, there was a 72% turnover variation, a difference of 42% in physical volume and 21% in average price, negatively influencing total sector performance.

Slate exports, on a national level, closed the period 2003 v 2007 with a variation of 133% in dollars, 83% in weight and just 27% in average price. 

Exporter ranking (2007 v 2006)
In 2007, the dimension stone sector saw a 6% reduction in the number of active exporting companies (726), compared with 2006 (771). All of the main Brazilian exporting states (Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Ceará) showed negative results, with the exception of Espírito Santo, which grew more than 2% in the number of active companies in the same period.

Among the 26 biggest Brazilian stone exporters in 2007, with turnover greater than US$ 10 million, 21 are located in ES, two in MG, one in Rio, one in SC and one in Paraná.

Principal destinations of Brazilian exports in 2007
In 2007, Brazil - USA stone export turnover remained relatively stable, representing 58.2% of the total. Compared with 2006, there was a slight variation of 0.67%, interrupting the last years’ constant growth trend.

 Italy and China, the 2nd and 3rd destination markets for Brazilian stones, saw a significant turnover reduction, 5.07% and 8.2% respectively in relation to the previous year. 

Canada, Venezuela and México occupy 2nd, 3rd and 4th place for destination markets for marble and granite manufactured exports in terms of dollars, having seen expressive growth of 30.7%, 144.4% and 37.1%, respectively. The USA’s participation has remained unchanged (83.4%) on total manufactured exports, representing around US$610 million in 2007.

CentroRochas address

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